August 1, 2022

John Holiday Featured in OutSmart Magazine!

The public knows John Holiday from The Voice’s 19th season as well as his opera career. But long before that, he was just a little boy growing up in Rosenberg.

“I’ve been singing since I was two years old. My grandmother and my mother often tell me that I sang before I spoke, which I think most babies probably do—they start singing along and don’t even know what they’re singing,” he says.

His mother and grandmother were both primed to recognize this knack, as they were both involved in music. They weren’t the only ones who took a shine to Holiday’s vocals, though. As a second-grader at Travis Elementary School, one of his teachers noticed his gift and further encouraged him to explore music by auditioning for the Fort Bend Boys Choir.

And with that, his journey as a musician launched—one that would also introduce him to the world of opera.

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