August 6, 2021

John Holiday releases new single "Alive in Me"

John Holiday releases his new single "Alive in Me"

"Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for me to see the multi-faceted nature of love; however, all those variants of love were heteronormative in nature.  As a young, black, gay kid, I never saw myself reflected in any of that love. So, I began to feel as if I’d never experience love for myself.  ‘Alive in Me’ is a reminder to everyone, but especially to those young kids and teens who are like me, that there is love.” Continuing the sentiment of the song’s personal importance, Holiday says, “When I began to discover songs for this project, I wanted to find something that was representative of me.  ‘Alive in Me’  is a story about knowing that if there is love for others, then, certainly, love is also there for me." -John Holiday